Developing the method calculation dynamics for the design electromagnetic relay steering machine of a guided flying machine type 9M111



  • Le Trung Hieu (Corresponding Author) Institute of Missile, Academy of Military Science and Technology
  • Le Quang Sy Institute of Missile, Academy of Military Science and Technology
  • Tran Manh Tuan Institute of Missile, Academy of Military Science and Technology



Electromagnetic relay steering machine; Guided flying machine; Time delay.


In this paper, the method of calculation dynamics for design in the form of an electromagnetic steering machine of flying machine type 9M111 is presented. On the basis of determining the external force acting on the rudder of the aircraft, structural-electromagnetic parameters for steering motion, establishing and solving a system of differential equations of motion, and calculation dynamics of steering machine, as a basis for determining the design parameter domain of the model steering machine through surveying the influence of structural-electromagnetic parameters on the steering response delay. The mathematical model can be applied to calculate the design of an electromagnetic relay steering machine for some similar flying machines.


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Lê Trung Hiếu, Lê Quang Sỹ, and Trần Mạnh Tuân. “Developing the Method Calculation Dynamics for the Design Electromagnetic Relay Steering Machine of a Guided Flying Machine Type 9M111”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, vol. 85, Feb. 2023, pp. 134-41, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.85.2023.134-141.



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