Solutions for designing computers employed multiple performances based on ZYNQ foundation



  • Nguyen Van Hieu (Corresponding Author) Institute of Electronics, Academy of Military Science and Technology
  • Pham Minh Thang Institute of Electronics, Academy of Military Science and Technology



Embedded computers; FPGA; ZynQ; Cortex-A9; UART; SPI; I2C.


   The article presents an embedded computer design solution on Xilinx's ZYNQ hardware platform, which uses PL (Programmable Logic) architecture combined with ARM processor cores to increase the number of interfaces. Peripherals such as UART, SPI, I2C, ETHERNET, GPIO, etc. Embedded computers are designed to work effectively in applications that require a lot of peripheral communication and digital signal processing systems, as well as ensuring hardware flexibility and flexibility in the application design process.


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Nguyễn Văn, H., and Phạm Minh Thắng. “Solutions for Designing Computers Employed Multiple Performances Based on ZYNQ Foundation”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, vol. 88, no. 88, June 2023, pp. 169-72, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.88.2023.169-172.



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