Research on the weapon target assignment problem in the combined air defense missile system for training simulation



  • Hoang The Khanh (Corresponding Author) Institute of Missile, Academy of Military Science and Technology



WTA – Weapon Target Assignment; ACS – Automatic Control System; Training Simulation; PoK – Probability of Kill.


In modern warfare, when the weapon system and the targets are constantly being improved and upgraded, ensuring the distribution of firepower to optimally destroy the target will help the commander to make quick and accurate decisions, thereby improving combat effectiveness. This paper proposes a method to build a command-control automatic system based on solving the weapon target assignment (WTA) problem in a combination of short and medium-range air defense missile systems so that the total damage of targets is maximum and the damage of protected area is minimum. Based on combinatorial optimization algorithms, the probability of kill, linear programming method using Hungarian algorithm, the paper presents a mathematical model of WTA and its optimal solution for short- and medium-range air defense missile systems serving the training simulation problem, thereby giving the results of evaluating the effectiveness of the algorithm.


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Hoang The Khanh. “Research on the Weapon Target Assignment Problem in the Combined Air Defense Missile System for Training Simulation”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, no. CSCE5, Dec. 2021, pp. 83-92, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.CSCE5.2021.83-92.

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