An encryption - authentication algorithms developed from the elgamal cryptosystem



  • Nguyen Vinh Thai (Corresponding Author) Institute of Information Technology, Academy of Military Science and Technology



Public - Key Cryptography Algorithm; Algorithm cryptographic; Algorithm ciphers ElGamal; Algorithm signcription DSA.


The paper proposes encryption - authentication algorithms developed from the Elgamal cryptosystem. There are algorithms included: system parameters, keys, encryption, and authenticated decryption. New proposed algorithms ensure a level of security against attacks: revealing secret keys - compared with RSA, GOST; security - compare with ElGamal; anti-forgery. Simultaneously verify the origin of e-doc and ensure the sender's authentication.


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Nguyen Vinh Thai. “An Encryption - Authentication Algorithms Developed from the Elgamal Cryptosystem”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, no. CSCE5, Dec. 2021, pp. 61-70, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.CSCE5.2021.61-70.