Solution to create elevation and reception angles for anti-aircraft defenses when the observatory is placed on the gun's range channel



  • Le Danh Tuan (Corresponding Author) Institute of Military Technical Automation, Academy of Military Science and Technology
  • Pham Thi Phuong Anh Institute of Military Technical Automation, Academy of Military Science and Technology



Euler angles; Fire control systems; Firing parameters.


The article presents a solution for implementing the firing part for the fire control system when the observation post's pan-tilt platform is arranged directly on the artillery's range channel and the artillery platform is placed on a mobile vehicle. In this case, the angle of deviation between the line of sight and the line of fire is the elevation angle and pickup angle in the firing element in the ground fixed component coordinate system. The article has built a mathematical basis to calculate the rotation angle of the pan-tilt system to satisfy the given elevation and pickup angles. The results of the article are rigorously mathematically proven and shown on a number of examples and will be applied in fire control systems with pan-tilt systems placed on the gun's range channel.


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Lê Danh Tuấn, and Phạm Thị Phương Anh. “Solution to Create Elevation and Reception Angles for Anti-Aircraft Defenses When the Observatory Is Placed on the gun’s Range Channel”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, no. CAPITI, Apr. 2024, pp. 133-9, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.CAPITI.2024.133-139.



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