Study on fabrication of a device for finding viens and early detection of breast cancer using optical energy spectroscopy



  • Mai Huu Thuan (Corresponding Author) School of Engineering Physics, Ha Noi University of Science and Technology
  • Nguyen Van Hung Vietnam National Cancer Hospital
  • Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong School of Chemical Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology



BKA-06; Blood vessels detection device; Red LED lights; Medicine; Thermal imaging.


 The research aims to design and develop a device for detecting blood vessels and breast tumors, referred to as BKA-06. Based on the principle of electromagnetic radiation absorption of substances and the electronic mechanisms of blood components, the device allows physicians to visually observe subcutaneous blood vessels with the naked eye or analyze them through thermal imaging. The BKA-06 integrates a current control circuit to provide appropriate brightness (with a maximum illuminance of 98592 lx) for examining the superficial vascular system under the skin. Initial laboratory testing results show that the BKA-06 provides real-time images with a depth penetration of 3 to 5 cm through the skin. It is expected that the BKA-06 will assist doctors and healthcare professionals in overcoming difficulties in injection and blood sampling.


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Mai Hữu, T., H. Nguyễn Văn, and P. Nguyen. “Study on Fabrication of a Device for Finding Viens and Early Detection of Breast Cancer Using Optical Energy Spectroscopy”. Journal of Military Science and Technology, vol. 88, no. 88, June 2023, pp. 115-22, doi:10.54939/1859-1043.j.mst.88.2023.115-122.



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